Visiting Antelope Canyon (Arizona) in December

December, for a roadtrip and a visit in the desert and at Antelope Canyon, Arizona?

Mmm I wasn’t so sure about it, but I wanted to treat myself with Grand Canyon for my birthday (December 1st), Antelope Canyon is nearby, I had the time, and the money too, so LET’S DO IT ! 🙂

While traveling, especially on a roadtrip, I often tell about how great it is to wake up early in the morning, because it gives you more time to do lots of things, but also to see the sunrise and hit the road early and so enjoy the day even more, without being that tired because of lots of time spent driving.

I also often tells about how great it is to travel off season, and so avoid crowds of tourists, expensives fees and have to wait in line to do any touristic sight seeing, often sweating under a hot sun…

Although sometimes planning my trip to Antelope Canyon, in December, may have not been such a good idea 🙂

I havn’t really thought about it that much, but indeed, even in the desert, in December, sometimes, weather is not nice, and also : days are shorter.

After reading everything on weather channels and meteo websites, in order to get my roadtrip ready, I’ve feared the cold and icy roads in Arizona, but in the end, I’ve been quite lucky : early morning were freezing cold indeed, and close to freezing temperature (about 30/34°F),  but no snowstorm and I barely saw any ice on the road….

BUT the light wasn’t that nice, and this, of course, no one tells you about it. Antelope Canyon was still really pretty, but a bit dark though.

I should have thought about it when I booked a 8.30am guided tour with Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tours.

When I woke up, the sky was all grey and white. Impossible for me to see the sunrise in this great outdoor, and so, of course, when I was in the canyon, the light was even worse and the place was kind of dark and tough to deal with my camera. Definitely not the photos I’ve hoped to take, and not also the colors I’ve seen everywhere on the internet, when searching for Antelope Canyon.

But it was different… and different is good in many ways 🙂

And there are plenty of positives aspects about it : a lower danger of flashfloods, which was my biggest fear (it’s usually in summer time, around August that the danger is higher).

But also : I’ve been the only one to book that 8.30am tour, and so I had my guide for myself, which gave me a lot of time and space to enjoy the visit ! He gave me lots of explanations, and showed me all the places where I should stand to see things at their best.

At the end of the visit, when we get out of the canyon at 10, we run into a huge 4*4 full of tourists. so I’ve felt Lucky to be able to spend time in the canyon almost by myself ! (we barely run into 2 groups there, at around 9.30)

And the light thing will just be a good excuse to make it back in a more sunny season (but something tells me I want to avoid summertime !) 😉


So here are my photos, full of shades of ocre, and much darker than I’ve thought it would be, but still quite interesting to me 🙂


Antelope Canyon gets darker and darker the further you walk into it, but the shades of ocre colours are more and more pretty also actually ! 🙂

Hours spent in that place admiring these walls, gave people visions, and if you have a more serious look at it, you’ll see things too : shapes and people : a Sunset on the mountain maybe ? 🙂


Or maybe faces and a cat standing there, waiting and observing you ? (cougaaaaaaaaaaar !!!!!) 🙂
Antelope Canyon

Batman ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

 Antelope Canyon
 Or a wolf ! 🙂

 Antelope Canyon


I could have stayed a little while there, admiring this place and trying to see other things and other stories, and so I think I need to get back there, and thinking about it, December was good enough for Antelope Canyon because the place was not crowded 🙂


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