A week-end in Leucate

Leucate, is a small town and peninsula in South of France, about 40min drive from Perpignan and an hour to the Spanish border.

I didn’t know this part of France, until I was in charge of taking photos of  a wedding in Leucate.  And since now, Fall is coming and winter is just around the corner, I watch the photos I took when visiting the area, and I’m again craving to see the mediterranean sea again.

So here we go,

I’m not going to show you wedding photos this time, I’m going to share with you my exploration of Leucate, the peninsula, and what I’ve seen for a week-end in Leucate.

I already show you Fontfroide abbey,  but this time, let’s really focus on Leucate and La Franqui.

I’ve loved this week-end there, on this very windy piece of France.

Hiking all along the cliff in La Franqui.

I started my hike at 7am. It was the end of June and on a heatwave, so even at 7am it was already really hot outside.

I’m grateful for the wind on the cliff ! 🙂

Arriving at the lighthouse, wind blowing in my hair, with an exilarating feeling of end of the land !

Let’s breath, and enjoy the view 🙂

And hike on the way back to La Franqui, where it all started

Have a walk in  Leucate village 🙂

hike up to the  castle, to enjoy the view, and say hi to the very pretty statue of  Françoise de Cezelly (hero of Leucate, she sacrified her husband to save the city, invaded by Spanish in 1590)


Wander in  Port Leucate, have an ice cream, while listening to the cliquing sound of strings on the boat’s mast


and then go back to La Franqui, and sit down to stare at the  kite surfers, or cute doggys being silly in the sand, all wet and with sand on their nose 🙂

I just couldn’t get enough of these sunset…

I hope you enjoyed these photos, and they helped you to feel more peaceful.

I just can’t wait to be back there !




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