Winter wedding in Paris

I never noticed before being there, that a winter wedding could be different from summer weddings.

Only the bravest guest will wait for the bride and groom outside of the church, the most of the crowd will rather wait inside, where it’s warmer.

No flowery dresses, with thin straps and bare legs, and no kids with cute mini dress or short pants. For a winter wedding, you’ll have big winter coats and jackets, dark vest, tights and boots. A bit sad, despite the happy faces all around. But well, that’s winter, you’d better keep warm ! 🙂

But Maxime and Alexandria were lucky enough to have a very pretty and sunny winter wedding in Paris. That was a lovely day of celebration.

So here are a few photos of there day of celebration, before the night goes down. A winter wedding full of emotion, and love ! 🙂


good small

good small-3

good small-2

good small-4

good small-5

good small-6
good small-9

good small-8

No matter the season, when love is there and people are happy, winter weddings are awesome !



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